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  Custom Empty bags for Ensor Equipment sandbagging machines are available through licensed suppliers below or directly through Ensor Equipment. They are shipped in 4' x 2' bundles and available in the following materials:
  • Woven Polypro: The standard in the industry. Prices range from $0.15 to $0.21 per bag depending on world price fluctuations. (custom colors available)
  • Woven Polypro Rock Bags: A new woven material that is highly permeable, and when filled with rock makes an excellent filter bag. The material's threads are thick like fish netting, yet as densely sewn together as a screen. (custom colors available). (Call for pricing).
  • Burlap Bags: Still the best choice for a tough, biodegradable bag and still very popular with the military. Burlap is made from the bark of Jute Trees which grow abundantly in wet climates. Burlap bags usually range in cost from $.35 to $0.50 per bag. Custom printing adds around $.02 each to the cost of the bags.
  • Woven Nylon Bags: A tough, highly permeable bag frequently used on streets around storm drains. They are becoming popular because they can sit outside in the sun or in water for months, can be run-over by cars, yet not break open like burlap will. (Call for pricing)


Bulk Bags:

Storage of filled sandbags on pallets and under cover is common, but storing the bags in bulk bags is catching on due to the following reasons:

  • Bulk Bags protect filled sandbags from the sun,

  • They don't break and require repairs like pallets,

  • They don't ruin the bottom layer of sandbags after prolonged storage like pallets,

  • They are cheaper than new pallets.

  • They can be lifted with a loader or forklift.

  • They can can be carried via dump truck or on a flat bed truck.

  • Each bag carries from 60 to 75 bags.

  • Custom colors and logos are available.

Call for pricing. Bulk bags designed specifically for carrying sandbags is important. Typically they cost less than $9.00 each.

Ensor Equipment prefers to sell its bags through it suppliers

Gold Coast Bags: Oxnard, CA


Contact:  Matt Stage  805-985-7824

                 Cell phone: 818-415-6288


All amounts in US dollars.
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