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Sandbag Services makes filled sandbags on your job site with Ensor Equipment sandbagging machines. Contracts for bag filling services can be made year round and during the season, but should be made in advance to ensure availability of the machines. Due to the seasonal nature of the business, Sandbag Services travels throughout the country with the seasons.

Sandbag Services is an inexpensive and convenient option for stockpiling bags for flood fighting efforts. For pipeline construction and erosion control, Sandbag Services has proven itself cheaper than manual operations due to prohibitive trucking costs, housing and per diem for workers, and worker related insurances. And the ability to make sandbags on site is convient to operations.

In addition to the cost savings, the sewn bags made by Ensor Equipment machines lay flat when staking, making them interlock tightly with other bags, without the air gaps common to bags that are bunched at the top. This key feature of the Ensor Equipment bags was first noted by the Flood Fighting school directors from the California Department of Water Resources. They also noted that since the amount of fill material can be varied depending on customer preference, Ensor Equipment makes perfect bags for flood fighting and erosion control.

Seasonal availability of the machines: Machines are available throughout the year, but are available in the following areas

  • California and the West:

    • From September through March.

  • Central United States (Missouri River North):

    • From March through June.

  • All Gulf States:

    • July through October.

All bags are piled in bulk piles unless other arrangements are requested. Sandbag Services provides its own loader, forklift, fuel, and labor and carries a $2 million dollar aggregate on-site liability insurance policy.

Bag Filling Costs:

Sandbag Services charges for its filling services based on four variables:

  • Customer Supplied Bag (see supplies) or Sandbag Services supplied bag. (Abbreviated as "CSB" or "SSB")
  • Type of bag if supplied by Sandbag Services.
  • Customer Supplied fill material or Sandbag Services Supplied fill material. (Sandbag Services Fill material: "SSM")
    • Wet or dry coarse Sand or Rock less than 3/8" in diameter. (called "Sand". Abbreviated as "CSS")
    • Fine sand (such as dredge sand), mud, and rock bigger than 3/8" diameter. (called "Rock". Abbreviated as "CSR")
  • Palletizing the bags is available for a small fee, while loading into Bulk bags is available at no extra charge.

The minimum quantity of bags: is 6000 bags for in season areas listed above. For locations that are out of season, 100,000 bags minimum is required. Special arrangements are available.

Example prices: All prices shown are for in season movement:

  • Customer supplied bag, Customer Supplied  Sand (CSBCSS): $0.32 each
  • Sandbag Services supplied sandbag, Customer Supplied Sand (SSBCSS): filled and bulk piled at $0.50 each.

Contact Mark Ensor at 800-350-3772 to arrange service.

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